Tuesday, August 01, 2006


"Merge" done by The Wonderful Alien.

This dumpster graffiti is intriguing for two reasons:

First, it is done in marker. Not in paint. Not in paint stick or grease marker. But marker. Most marker graffiti tends to be a name scribbled here, an obscenity scribbled there. This piece, "Merge" includes some intricacy rarely seen in marker art.

Second, I saw this dumpster a few days earlier without the graffiti. The dumpster sits one block north and two blocks east of the Puyallup police station. It also sits behind a six foot high chainlink fence directly beneath a streetlight in a work area that often has workers on site late into the evening. The dumpster faces the street, Pioneer Avenue, one of the most travelled streets in downtown Puyallup, and one frequented with police cruisers passing by on Pioneer to and from the station. The art is not necessarily executed as well as some other graffiti art I have seen, but The Wonderful Alien must have some big cojones!

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