Monday, August 07, 2006


The child and I continued our explorations of urban greenspaces. These pictures were taken by the child at two interconnected City of Puyallup parks: Decoursey and Clark's Creek. I have been showing her how to take pictures of things she finds fascinating. She showed great interest in the camera this evening, even if key elements of her photographic subjects are partially or completely missing. Clockwise from upper left: (1) "Man" - She was very intrigued by "man." He was playing tennis with his wife. The child spoke of "man" for five minutes after we left him behind. (2) "Sign" - This is her picture of a stop sign bolted to a gate on a path between the two parks. (3) "Water" - Her picture of Clark's Creek. (4) "You" - A self-portrait. The child refers to herself as "you" when viewing pictures of herself because everyone else refers to the person in the picture as "you."

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